A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Free Download For Android

An excellent choice for gamers who have enjoyed recent strategy games is the game A Game of Thrones, based on the famous fantasy novel A Song of Ice and Fire and Westeros’ plot by playing one of the 6 Great Houses. In this war-torn land, where alliances were formed and broken, clashing armies and courts were rife with conspiracy; Will you be able to establish your dominance?

At the beginning of A Game of Thrones, players will choose their own land to lay the foundation to build a kingdom of their own. With your knowledge and the game’s equipment, you will begin to establish, build the kingdom, perform the quests included in the game for the people to grow, material assets and assets increasingly prosperous; more houses were built.

After your kingdom grows, just like a big fish that wants to swim to the sea and not in the river, the tigers are cramped; The kingdom’s population began to increase one day, your stronghold did not have enough room for people to live, now began to ally with neighboring kingdoms, or lead troops to conquer other lands. Choosing the right country to alliances is also a challenge for players, how to ally the country to help your kingdom grow more and more; If you choose to hit the country where the cunning is at the top, it will harm the people.

When leading troops to conquer, calculate how to avoid the most harm, how many generals, troops go, fighting style, fortress location, defense, attack; fight by marines or soldiers, purchase equipment… That is also a problem for players. When leading the army to fight, the player must also think and worry about the defense system being entangled. Otherwise, it will be taken by other countries. The winner is who reached the circle in the tenth or won seven circles. Several players 3-6 players have to compete and be ranked even if different server operating systems differ.

The game also has two modes. When offline you can still play offline and online with other players. A Game of Thrones is also playable on mobile phones with both Android and iOS platforms, so you will not be interrupted while playing. Country: Ambitious Lannister, Resilient Starks, cunning Martells, and other Leaders are fighting for the crown. Each leader will have its own advantages and disadvantages, not only that but also the mutual compatibility and incompatibility of each other. Decide at each game you choose which leader to win, a great experience for one person or the whole team playing. The game also builds on ten completely different stories, giving you new experiences in different lands to avoid boredom.

The big plus point in A Game of Thrones is the great graphic design, sharp and realistic visuals, you can see through the trailer of the manufacturer tools, fortresses,… just like the real thing; residents, houses, in the trendy game help players better understand the lifestyle and medieval customs. Creative dramatic sound effects are suitable for each stage of the game. Especially with 3D design, the character seems to be more realistic and sharper than the game released and supported with 05 different languages, making it easy to choose and understand each task’s meaning and feature, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Through the game, you can gain a deeper understanding of historical knowledge of the western medieval period, apply your historical knowledge to build a prosperous kingdom, protect and grow even wider.
From there, you can also evaluate yourself, commenting on whether you are a great leader, or a well-managed organizer, a talented military person, through the arrangement of your home, defensive posture; Arrange forces to attack, or choose battles, how to fight by water, land, use force, ability to handle situations, improve your ability to think Its own situations, handling cases.

With many variations, such as the vassal system from the Mother of Dragons board game expansion to drastically changing strategy for 5-player or more miniature games, or Tides of Battles introducing a staple, many more obstacles are waiting for you to experience in A game of Thrones.

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